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KING (GS2801)

Once upon a time, in the fair Kingdom of Costalotta, there lived a great and nobel King, His Majesty King Beneficent II. He was beloved by his subjects, as were his wife, Her Highness Queen Adora, and their adopted daughter, the beautiful Princess Gazelle.*

*From the Puppet Show Script "Stone Soup"


QUEEN (GS2802)

Meet Her Highness Queen Adora, Absolute Monarch and Lord Ruler of King Beneficent. Actually Her Majesty is deeply in love with His Majesty... privately, she calls him "Benny."*

*From the Puppet Show Script "The Artichoke Tree"



Once upon a time, in the fair Kingdom of Costalotta, there lived the beautiful Princess Gazelle, the adopted daughter of His Highness, King Beneficent II and Queen Adora. Now Princess Gazelle had one desire in life and that was to marry a handsome Prince and live happily ever after. This was a common career move for ladies of that time.*

*From the Puppet Show Script "The Magic Unicorn"



Son of King Sterling of Canova, Prince Lancelot is a recent attendee of the Canova Knight School where he took classes in Handsome Princing (101) and Beautiful Princess Procurement (203). Setting his sights on the neighboring Kingdom of Costalotta, he hopes to date Princess Gazelle sometime in the near future.*

*From the Puppet Show Script "The Love Stone"



Because the fair Kingdom of Costalotta was completely taxpayer funded, the King could afford only a single Knight. How fortunate for Costalotta that it was the stalwart and brave Sir Krump.*

*From the Puppet Show Script "Stone Soup"


* No relationship to comics of later ages intended, of course


In the fair Kingdom of Costalotta, because late-night television had not yet been invented, there was little to do in the countryside (after the main meal and before the onslaught of sleep). Leave it to our two main funnymen, Jester Letterman (GS2534) and Jester Leno (GS2535), to solve the problem by clowning around the castle, telling amusing stories and entertaining all until bedtime.*

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Once upon a time, in the fair Kingdom of Costalotta, there lived a Wizard who was known far and wide as a great magician. Now the Wizard did not live in the castle with the King and Queen, but instead lived in a cave at the base of a mountain some miles away. The peasants who lived in the countryside never went near the Wizard's cave for there were many rumors about the items of terrible sorcery the Wizard kept there. Frightening things such as "The Milk pitcher That Pours Milk But Never Fills A Glass" and "The Bottle That You Put In A Cylinder And When You Take The Cylinder Off, The Bottle Is Upside Down."*

Wizard is an impressive 36 inches tall and comes with a wand... (arm rod).

*From the Puppet Show Script "Stone Soup"


Each script includes "How to" and Stage Directions.

Wherein we learn that you can fool all of the people some of the time.
Cast includes King, Wizard, Princess and Knight. Requires 3 puppeteers plus optional Narrator.

Wherein we learn that the world is not always as we perceive it.
Cast includes King, Wizard, Princess and Knight plus optional Narrator.

Wherein we learn that sometimes even the best of intentions fail us.
Cast includes King, Knight, Wizard, Dragon and Horse plus optional Narrator.

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