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Howlbert Hound is one of those "uncertain" breeds of dogs which are unlikely to win awards at dog shows (or even be admitted).  He has claimed, at times to be both a Russian Wolfhound and a Shetland Sheepdog (but we suspect that he is a cross between an Irish Sitter and a Lapso Fatso).  Frustrated at being a ballerina (too many legs), he now bides his time by chasing cats up trees (which he considers great sport). Dressed in a snappy sportshirt, khaki slacks and tennies, his shades are never far away. A rod that can be easily switched from his left hand to his right paw... uh, hand, allows swift and decisive gestures, as well as friendly waving at attractive poodles.



Ken says that he's a Golden Retriever but we think he is more likely a Golden Loser. He trained for years to be a Seeing Eye Dog and then was fired when he lost his first client (in the park, he thinks). He then went to work for the Municipal Utility District as a gas leak detector in the city sewer system but was terminated after getting lost the first day (because it's hard to see a map down there). He's currently doing much better at the Motorcycle Shop Botique where he greets customers while modeling the latest in motorcycle wear. Kennelworth Hound stands 28 inches tall and has an arm rod that can be attached to either hand.



Even when he was a little bunny, Stew thought he was the unluckiest rabbit alive. After all, he reasoned, if he were really lucky, he wouldn't have been born a rabbit at all. He'd have been a hippopotamus or something neat like that. To improve his luck, he started wearing a "lucky" horseshoe tied on a string around his neck. Of course, when he went swimming, he sank right to the bottom like an anchor. He claims that the fact he's still alive is proof that the horseshoe works. Stew has an arm rod that can be attached to either hand.



Gordon Gator here is one of the nicest, most friendly alligators you would ever want to know and it's unfortunate that he's currently unemployed. He was "let go" from his job as a "Greeter" at Mega Mart because he scared the customers away when he smiled. He was laid off as a Balloon Inflator at children's birthday parties due to "excess poppage." He couldn't even sell brushes door-to-door without people screaming, fainting and slamming their doors. Because of his large array of shining teeth, he has decided to send his resume to a toothpaste company hoping to be hired as a brushing consultant. Gordon is 28 inches tall and comes with a detachable arm rod. He is also available wearing the same shirt with "Florida" on the front (GS4820B).

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Do you remember the story about the boy who told so many wild and exaggerated stories that he turned into a Shaggy Dog? No? Why there were even a couple of movies made about this fellow. Honest. He's 28 inches tall and has rod that may be clipped to either arm for realistic movement.



It has long been said that "Dog is Man's Best Friend" but we think that the reverse may not be true, especially considering these three "best friends." On the left we have Howlbert Hound (GS4803), then Dashing Dalmatian Firedog (GS4804) and Flea-Fe Poodle (GS4805) on the right. All are 28 inches tall and have movable arm rods.

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These nomads of the desert, entertainers, musicians... are protected from the sun by their special clothing and sunglasses... to say nothing about their sun block lotion with aloe. Each stands 28 inches tall and comes complete with a clip-on arm rod and sturdy sandals. At the far left is Meshach Camel (GS4814). In the middle (above) is Abednego Donkey (GS4815) and on the right (above) is Shadrach Sheep (GS4816).

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Looking a bit like rejects from a "See no Evil - Hear no Evil - Speak no Evil" poster photo-shoot, this chummy trio of 32 inch tree-climbers includes (left to right) Baboon (sold out), Mandrill (sold out) and Brown Monkey (NP8063L).
Yes, the Baboon has a bald red bottom but we are far too dignified here to display it!

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These beautiful puppets are 32 inches tall and suitable for professional ventriloquist use by adults and children alike. On the top row, left is Gorilla (NP8006L) and on the right, Gibbon (NP8005L). In the bottom row, left is Orangutan (NP8007L) and on the right, Carolyn (Funny Puppets Owner). On the lower right is Chimpanzee (NP8008L).

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Just like their counterparts above these beautifully furred and expressive monkeys are easy to operate and do fit adult-size hands. This medium size averages 24 inches in height. At the top is Gorilla (NP8006M). In the center row on the left is Chimpanzee (NP8008M) and on the right, Gibbon (NP8005M). At the bottom is Orangutan (NP8007M).

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Japanese Snow Monkey NP8069M
Ring-tailed Lemur NP68M


These Medium-size Hand Puppet Monkeys are about 24 inches in height and so beautifully made that you will want to click on each image for a larger view.

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Golden Monkey NP8061M

Brown Monkey NP8063M

Mandrill NP8064M

Langur (douc) Monkey NP8065M

Proboscis Monkey NP8066M

Squirrel Monkey NP8067M


Colobus Monkey NP8070M

These Full-Body Hand Puppet Monkeys also average 24 inches in height (15 inches sitting down as shown). They also are beautifully furred, expressive and easy to operate.

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These little Full-Body Hand Puppets are only 12 inches tall... but make no mistake about it... they are just as beautifully furred, expressive and easy to work as our larger monkeys above. First we have (top row, left) our Brown Monkey (NP8063S) and Mandrill (NP8064S). Then (bottom row, left) our Chimpanzee (NP8008S) and Orangutan (NP8007S).

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